BnkToTheFuture is an innovative Equity Crowd-Funding platform that allows anybody to invest in private companies online.  Investors can access generous tax reliefs when investing in such companies, and businesses are able to raise finance for their companies by selling shares to online investors. The business, founded by former Investment Banker, Simon Dixon and Bliss Dixon, marks a truly innovative idea in the financial sector, and won the support of veteran entrepreneur, Richard Branson. 

The Challenge

The company were about to launch the world's first ‘Transparent Crowd-Investment Bank’, and set a new world record in equity Crowd-Funding.  We were contracted to produce an Online Commercial that would raise awareness of this groundbreaking idea, and illustrate the importance of creating a new way of Banking.

The Solution

After discussing the strategy and target audience, it was clear this was an important universal message that would go against the grain of the current financial controversies and working practices of the banking system.  We knew we had to come up with an idea that was epic in scope to convey the desired message.

We produced a commercial on a large canvas, which captured London and the Financial sector from above, while conversely showing the workers on the ground, and their direct experience of the industry.  Focusing on the economy and unemployment, the desire and intention of this commercial was to inspire people to stand together to make change, so people can benefit, instead of the banks. The commercial climaxed with a special appearance by CEO, Simon Dixon, in a replica classic DeLorean, as featured in the Back To The Future trilogy.

The Result

The film got thousands of views on Youtube and was featured in most of the major media outlets, leading to a successful crowd funding campaign.

Client Reference

Digital Boulevard (DB) produced an Online Commercial to help launch our campaign to create the world's first Transparent Crowd-Investment Bank.

They captured our thought-provoking message in an original and ambitious way on film, which helped connect with our audience. They project-managed the entire process from concept to completion with impeccable results, creating a commercial that was epic in scale with high-end production values; the end result far exceeded our expectations.

DB covered every facet of the production, from working on the strategy, concept, animation, grading and designing our company graphic idents. They also produced another promotional feature about our foray into Bitcoin investment, where they compiled a wealth of information into a digestible and entertaining feature.

They are talented storytellers and content strategy specialists with a difference; we have been very happy with the work they have produced and would highly recommend them.

Simon Dixon (CEO & Co-Founder) | Bliss Dixon (COO & Co-Founder)


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